Beatdown Fists Of Vengeance Wiki

Official Lore[]

Aaron is just one of many illegitimate children born to the drug lord, Zanetti. Aaron was moved to Las Sombras with the intentions of all involved to take over the family business after he could prove himself to Zanetti. Aaron's loyalty to the group of 5 mobsters he's been associated with makes him appear weak in his father's eyes. Aaron is distrustful of others, and could care less what people think of him. People often misjudge him, and this usually leads to unmerited trouble.

Story Mode[]

Aaron is one of 5 main playable characters in Story Mode. Similar to the other main characters he possesses a fairly unique move set, with a few of his moves clearly inspired by fighting techniques of his father, Zanetti. Aaron's in-game difficulty is set to 5 stars, he begins the game at level 1, with 2200 HP, $1000, a S Knife and Chicken. His signature moves are: Triple Snake Fang, Triple Whip, Scorpion Needle and Arrow Shot. He has a total of 55 moves with 10 of them needing to learned through Melvin and a Martial Artist.

Should the player finish the game with a Godfather ranking, Aaron with take over the family business and rule the city just as his father did. However, his victory and empire is bittersweet as, after having a son of his own, he sees the same resent in his child's eyes as he once held for his own father, and knows one day he too will suffer the same fate.

Versus Mode Normal[]

Aaron is one of the 5 initial characters available in Versus Mode Normal. Unlike in Versus Mode Custom Aaron has all of his learn able moves by default here, but has the stats of a level 1 player character.

Versus Mode Custom[]

Being one of the main characters Aaron is one of the 5 characters in the game whose battle effectiveness in this mode can be enhanced beyond simple levels and max health. The stats you choose to improve, the items you equip, the changes you make to his appearance in Story Mode will all carry over with game files used in this mode.

Battle Quotes[]

Victory: I'll remember this.

Victory (Max HP): Heh, too late to apologize now.

Recruit: Wanna join me, or would you rather die?

Recruit Success: You're one of us now. Welcome to the family.

Rob: Hand over your money!

Beatdown: I'll kill anyone who tries to stand in my way!

Enemy Runs Away: Go ahead, run away, you pussy!